Sovereign Guaranteed Note

Sovereign Guaranteed Note is a unique and exotic investment instrument carefully designed to satisfy the desires of Institutional Investors and High Networth Individuals with low risk appetite but desire for high returns above the Commercial Banks rates.

Benefits of Sovereign Guaranteed Note
  •  Low risk but high yield Investment
  • Guaranteed Minimum Interest
  • Security of Investment
  • Free Financial Advisory Services
  • Note can be collateralized against loan facility from SFL.
  • Note is free of withholding Tax.

Sovereign Guaranteed Note is backed by exclusive guarantee of a reputable Insurance Company in Nigeria, and it provides adequate protection of Capital and expected returns to targeted Investors.

Features of Sovereign Guaranteed Note
  • Minimum investment of N10,000,000.00 (Ten million Naira).
  • Minimum tenor of 90 days.
  • Return: 9% – 14% (Depending on the amount and tenor)
  • Value of the Principal Investment can be increased by the Investor at will.
  • Investment can be made by Bank Transfer, Bank Drafts or Cheques of respective Investors.
  • Maturity value can be re-invested/rolled over