Micro Investment Plan

This plan allow selected low income and salary earners the opportunities to safe towards a given cause like House Rent, Land Purchase, Wedding Ceremony or any other laudable life event over a period of one to three years depending on the targeted Amount at maturity

Benefits of Micro Investment Plan
  • A robust guaranteed return on savings. Sovereign Finance Limited guarantees a minimum return of 3% over commercial bank savings interest rates
  • Security of savings as investment certificate is issued in client’s name
  • Guaranteed income to meet your immediate and future needs.
  • Investment Certificate can be used as collateral for other credit transactions with SFL
  • Free personalized financial advisory service.
Features of the Micro Investment Plan:
  • It is a minimum one year plan.
  • Minimum monthly investment of N50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira).
  • Contribution can be made on monthly basis.
  • Contributions can be increased from time to time.
  • Contributions can be made by cash, standing payment orders or post-dated cheques
  • Withdrawal before one year is allowed but subject to administrative charges and minimum lock in period of six months. Maturity value can be re-invested/rolled over.