Sovereign Call Account

Sovereign Call Account is a high yield Saving Scheme that allows customers access to their accounts at any given time. Although Sovereign Call is operated as a regular savings scheme, it pays higher return over and above Commercial Banks savings rate.

Benefits of Sovereign Call Account
  • Investments attracts up to 6% interest on outstanding balances after 30 days.
  • Dedicated Account Officer
  • Free financial /investment advisory services
  • Customer can give direct debit mandate

The major target is the retail class, owners of Small and Medium Enterprises as well as Salary earners who desire safety of capital and higher returns on their Savings while targeting specific major expenditure in the future.

Features of the Sovereign Call Account
  • Minimum Investment of N100,000.00
  • Investment is accessible at any time for liquidation.
  • Regular accounts statement and transaction details is sent to the account holder