PayDay Loan

Put an end to the 30 day Pay-Cheque. Cash is available 24/7 to fund your emergency needs.

Benefits of PayDay Loan
  • Fast & Easy to access.

  • No collateral needed to access loan

  • Repayments is spread over a period of time usually six months to one year.

  • Disbursement of cash is within 24hrs upon submission of complete documentation. 

  • No hidden charges.

Sovereign Payday Loan provides ready access to funds for Salary earners in need of emergency funding for a period ranging between 30days and 1 year.

Features of PayDay Loan
  • It’s a short term unsecured credit without any form of collateral.
  • Up to N5 Million can be accessed.
  • Direct debit will be placed on customer’s account for ease of repayment.
  • Customers can repay the Loan at any time without suffering any penal charge.
  • Customers can file in application from anywhere in the Country at any time of the day.