About Us

Sovereign Finance Limited is a leading financial services provider with a prime desire to promote trailblazing Financial & Investment solutions to customers in different sectors of the Nigerian economy. Our priority is to create opportunities for our clients to save accumulated capital and build sustainable wealth.

The company is founded by a team of savvy finance & investment specialist with evidence of track record of exceptional performance, superb integrity, and innovation.

The company is at the center of financial innovation propelled by technological prowess and is at a position of pre-eminence in the Nigeria financial Industry

What We Stand For


Our Vision

To be a premier financial services provider of choice in all sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Our Core Values



Mutual Respect




Our Mission

To provide easy and convenient solution to financial needs of our customers at all times.

Our products and services

PayDay Loan

Payday Loan for workers in public and Private Sector against their salary repayable over 3 months

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Business Loan

Also known as Short Term Borrowings for SMEs, this loan is accessbile by any registered business.

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Target Investment Plan

s-FIP is tailored to customer cash-flow like salary or periodic business income and it cut across all classes of people. 

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Sovereign Call Account

Sovereign Call Account is a high yield Investment that allows customers access to their accounts at any given time.

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